Coca cola billboard baliho rusak


Billboard baliho Coca-Cola yang rusak termakan oleh cuaca panas dan hujan. Sehingga warnanya pudar dan catnya terkelupas. Filed under Marketing Leave a Comment

One of the things that I love to do is travel and learn about new places. As I travel, I have to admit that I checkout how businesses deliver their brand messages in airports. As you walk along, you can’t help but to see the signs and billboards encouraging you to spend your money in their establishment.

So as I sit in the airport and look at the Indoor Outdoor advertisements, below are some of the billboard branding tips that I thought would be helpful to other business owners as they have been to me:

Unique signage. Make sure that when you develop your signs or billboard, make the them uniquely different from the others so that they will stand out.

Using these simple pointers to develop your brand message can help you start with a firm foundation. Take for example the image above. No matter how beat-up the image has become, you can still recognize it as Coca-Cola due to their branding message.