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McDonald’s Promotes Healthy Menu on Billboard

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) has been focusing heavily on its healthy menu items in its recent Indoor Outdoor Advertising, and this billboard from the Leo Burnett agency in Chicago, Illinois does not disappoint in terms of meeting that goal. While probably not the best billboard ad, it certainly should catch the attention of people passing by and generate awareness of McDonald’s salads. Check it out after the jump.

What do you think? Does this ad help McDonald’s redefine its brand as appealing to the health-conscious as well as its traditional market of consumers seeking inexpensive, quick meals?

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Kirk Littell says:
I would have liked to see a white background on this billboard. That would have conveyed “fresh” to me more than the dark grey/black color that they chose. Aside from that I don’t think too many people passing by would miss the message — in that regard I say this is a successful board.

Kristen King says:
It kind of looks like a doormat… I guess it gets the point across, but it could have been done more gracefully, IMHO.kk

Werbeblogger Schnellschuss - Unser täglich Link » Blog Archiv » McDonalds nagelt Salate an die Wand says:
In Chicago steht dieses Billboard mit eingepflanzten Salaten. Wenn das mal nicht welkt! Tags: billboard, großflächentransparent, mcdonalds, plakat, salat Ähnliche Artikel:

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out an eye-catching McDonald’s billboard. Tags:billboard billboard Indoor Outdoor advertising brand brand advertising branding outdoor advertisingShare

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McDonald’s Promotes Healthy Menu on Billboard